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Is This A Case For Apple's Budget iPhone?

A new video purportedly showing a case for the upcoming budget iPhone is making the rounds. The video, which shows a case designed by Japan’s MGM Corp., was first noticed by Macotakara. As you can see, the case is designed for a phone with rounded edges, and a slightly thicker frame than the iPhone 5. There is space for a rear-facing camera, plus room for volume controls on the left side. According to the report, the case is approximately 2 millimeters thicker than one for the iPhone 5. Take a look:

Naturally, there is no way to confirm the authenticity of the case highlighted in this video. However, the case does match specifications of previous “iPhone mini” rumors. [caption id="attachment_431219" align="aligncenter" width="649"]An iPhone mini Case? An iPhone mini Case?[/caption] The first budget iPhone is likely to be released this fall alongside Apple’s next flagship handset. Rumors have suggested that Apple may price the model at under $200 to appeal to developing nations such as China, and India. For addition information, see: After WWDC, Apple Likely To Hold Two ‘Special Events’ This Fall And Perhaps A ThirdFurther Indication That Apple Will Release Two New iPhones In September, and Apple Rumored To Shift Back To Samsung For Thin Glass LCD Production.
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