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Apple Rumored To Shift Back To Samsung For Thin Glass LCD Production

Apple Rumored To Shift Back To Samsung For Thin Glass LCD Production

May 29, 2013
While a March report indicated that Samsung-manufactured displays could be absent from Apple's next-generation line of iDevices, a recent article published by ETNews argues that the Cupertino, Calif. company is nevertheless looking to purchase Samsung Displays for its forthcoming range of iDevice and MacBook products. The website explains:
The Korean thin glass market is turning around thanks to Apple resuming its LCD purchase from Samsung Display. The thin glass companies showed a clear sign of turn-around in the second quarter. The thin glass sales of four major companies, Soulbrain, Chemtronics, Global Display, and Avatec, this year is expected to reach KRW 534 billion, which is about 34% greater, year-on-year. When compared to the sales in 2011, the year when the thin glass process was introduced in full force, the sales grew by whopping 134% [sic].
With one new iPhone handset (and potentially two) set to launch later this year, along with a refreshed line of iPads, MacBooks, and possibly more, a dependable supplier of thin glass LCDs is precisely what Apple needs - and is exactly what Samsung can provide. Though Apple was previously said to be sourcing displays from LG Display, Sharp, Japan Display, and AU Optronics, it has been reported that the latter supplier, at least, was having trouble increasing to mass production levels. We'll keep you updated. In the meantime, see: Tim Cook Explains Apple's Current "One-A-Year" iPhone Strategy At D11Apple Hires Former EPA Chief Lisa Jackson To Coordinate Its Environmental Efforts, and Is The iWatch Close At Hand? At D11, Apple CEO Tim Cook Says "The Wrist Is Interesting".

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