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Siri, Show Me A Hands-On Preview Video Of Your New Features In iOS 7

One of the highlights of the announcement of iOS 7 during today's WWDC keynote address is a major upgrade to Apple's intelligent personal assistant, Siri. And now we have a hands-on preview of Siri's new features on iOS 7 to show to you. Along with its new look and feel as well as new male and female voices, new Siri features on iOS 7 include Twitter search integration, Bing search, Wikipedia integration, and device settings adjustment. As demoed by Dom in the video below, you can now ask Siri to show what somebody's been tweeting about. In the video, Dom asks Siri, "What is Dallas Groot saying?" And sure enough, Siri shows the most recent tweets posted by Dom's fellow iOS theme maker. Powered by Bing, Siri Web search on iOS 7 shows a list of search results rather than opening Safari to perform the search there. Now, you can first take a look at the search results and tap on one of them to launch Safari with the corresponding webpage. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. The next generation of Siri also lets you search Wikipedia, whereupon it immediately shows a result in a nice card layout followed by a number of Wikipedia article recommendations. Tapping on one of these recommendations takes you to Safari with the matching Wikipedia page. And then there's the ability to change system settings with Siri, which, like Dom, I am most excited about. With iOS 7, you can now ask Siri to, say, turn off your device's Wi-Fi or turn on the flashlight. The developer beta of iOS 7 has been released by Apple today. But the final version is expected for public release this fall. Stay tuned to AppAdvice as we give you more sneak peeks into some of the most promising features of iOS 7.
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