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AppAdvice's WWDC 2013 Link Roundup - Find All Of Our Event Coverage Here

AppAdvice's WWDC 2013 Link Roundup - Find All Of Our Event Coverage Here

June 10, 2013

It’s that time of year again! June 10 is the first day of the Worldwide Developers Conference held in Moscone West in San Francisco, CA. It’s time to put all of the rumors and speculation to end, as we now finally know what Apple has in store for us.

Last year, Apple focused on iOS 6, Mountain Lion OS X, and some brand new Mac updates. This year, Apple brought the spotlight on iOS 7, OS X 10.9, and more Macs.

This post features a rundown of all our event coverage, however, if you want a play-by-play recap, don’t forget to check out our live blog or the AppAdvice app.

The keynote started off with as always with a recount of Apple numbers, including the fifth birthday of the App Store, 50 billion downloaded apps, 375,000 iPad-only apps, with 93 percent of them downloaded each month. App developers have also been paid $10 billion in revenue, which is very impressive. Read Apple by the numbers

OS X Mavericks

The next OS X is not cat-themed, but California themed, starting with Mavericks. Read about the announcement of OS X Mavericks.

Mavericks introduces a new finder, with tagging and better search features. Read about Maverick’s Finder.

Multiple displays will be supported, making workflows easier for those who use several different monitors, including better support for panning, AirPlay, Mission Control, and more. Read more about Maverick’s Multiple Displays.

Full-screen apps get big improvements in Mavericks. Read about Maverick’s Full Screen improvements.

Safari gets plenty of changes and under-the-hood improvements. Read about Safari.

Apple will be bringing iBooks to the Mac with support for notes, study cards, and more. Read about iBooks on Mac.

iCloud Keychain will make password and account information management much easier. Read about iCloud Keychain.

Calendar will include other information like travel time, no way to input an event if you have a conflict, and even weather. Read more about Calendar.

Maps are now on OS X Mavericks, and you can push directions directly to your iOS device. Read about Maps on Mavericks.

OS X Mavericks is available for developers today, and public release in the fall. More on availability of OS X Mavericks.


MacBook Air will now have all-day battery life, and includes the Hasell processor meaning better graphics, faster Flash, and more. Read about MacBook Air.

The Mac Pro gets a brand new innovative design and is more powerful than ever before. Read more about the Mac Pro.


iWork will now be available in your browser thanks to the integration of iCloud. This means finally having iWork (Pages, Numbers, and Keynote) on PCs, with the ability to work directly with Microsoft Office documents. Read about iWork on iCloud.


A new company launch introduced us to “real life video games” with Anki Drive. Read about Anki Drive.

iOS 7

iOS 7 is announced, with brand new features and interface.

The new interface of iOS 7 is completely flat, and beautiful. Read about iOS 7 redesign.

To go along with the new design are a bunch of new gestures to make life easier. Read about gestures in iOS 7.

Control Center makes it easy to access all of the important switches you need to change multiple times a day. Read about Control Center.

Camera is improved in iOS 7 with a square shooting mode and live photo filters. Read more about the iOS 7 Camera.

Additionally, the Photos app has been updated with better organizational features. Read about Photos on iOS 7.

Apple has introduced iRadio, which is free with ads, and ad-free for iTunes Match subscribers. Read about iRadio.

AirDrop will be available in iOS 7, bringing simple file-sharing to your iOS device. Read more about AirDrop.

Activation Lock will give you a bit of security if you lose your iOS device. Read about Activation Lock.

App updates will happen automatically now, giving you peace of mind (or not, in some cases). Read about Auto App Updates.

Siri becomes a bit more usable with a new voice. Read about Siri’s new voice.

iOS 7 will be released to the public this fall, with a developer beta available now. Read about iOS 7 availability.

The Aftermath

If you missed the event this morning, you can now find the full video presentation of the keynote.

The integration of OS X and iOS has never been tighter. Read about the features that are shared between OS X Mavericks and iOS 7.

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