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Song Scrubbing Is Finally Added To The Lock Screen In iOS 7

Apple has finally added the ability to "scrub" through tracks from the Lock screen in iOS 7. The new feature, spotted recently by a Reddit user, is available in iOS 7 beta 1, which Apple launched for registered developers earlier this week. Scrubbing through songs from an iDevice's Lock screen is as simple as moving a point along an on-screen slider. With Control Center, users also have the option of accessing their Music app controls - including the aforementioned "scrubbing" feature - from within open iOS applications. Recently, we went hands-on with the iOS 7 Lock screen, which has received a redesign in the seventh iteration of Apple's mobile operating system. Our further hands-on videos take a look at Control Center, the Messages app, the Photos app, and more. How do you like the look of iOS 7? Do you love it, hate it, or are you still undecided?
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