So, the keynote is done, and you think WWDC is over.

Not quite. It’s actually a week long event for developers, but all of the rest of us tend to just go crazy the first day — for the famous Apple keynote.

One of the annual events that takes place during WWDC is the Apple Design Awards (ADAs). This is a special event that recognizes the most innovative independent developers who create things for Apple devices — hardware and software. However, this time, only software (apps) won awards. So this morning, after the keynote, the ADA winners were announced.

And here they are:


Coda 2

Ridiculous Fishing

WWF Together

Evernote 5


Yahoo! Weather



Sky Gamblers

Congratulations to all of the developers who worked hard and won!

Did your favorite app snag an ADA this year? Who do you think should have won?