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Apple May Publicly Release iOS 7 On Sept. 10, According To Nuance Developer Email

If the opening statement of a recent email sent out by a well-known company with connections to Apple is to be regarded as true, iOS 7 may be released to the public on the same day the next-generation iPhone is announced. As shown in the screenshot above, Nuance has sent an email encouraging member developers of its NDEV Program to test their SpeechKit 1.4.5-integrated apps for compatibility with iOS 7. As it happens, the email begins with the statement, "As you are probably aware, iOS 7 GA will be released on September 10th." Sept. 10 has been all but confirmed to be the announcement date of the next-generation iPhone, the so-called "iPhone 5S," along with the low-cost and multi-color "iPhone 5C." In its email, Nuance, which has been officially confirmed as the primary provider of voice recognition technology for Apple's Siri, suggests that it has been informed of a Sept. 10 launch for iOS 7. But then again, whoever composed the email might have simply confused "GA" (general availability) with "GM" (golden master). Historically, Apple has made the release of a new iOS' GM version concurrent with the announcement of a new iPhone, with the iOS' GA version made available a week later. There's also the curious use of the opening phrase, "As you are probably aware," suggesting that a Sept. 10 launch for iOS 7 GA is already common knowledge within the developer community. For what it's worth, the Web browser version of the email in question has apparently been removed by Nuance from its servers. In any case, we'll know for certain if either the GA version or the GM version of iOS 7 gets released on Sept. 10, which couldn't come fast enough. Source: Owened Via: The Verge
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