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More Samsung Smartphone Owners Are Switching To iPhones

Apple is doing a very good job at convincing existing smartphone owners to jump ship and come to iOS. Thirty-three percent of Samsung smartphone owners have switched to the iPhone. This compares to just 11 percent the other way around. The results come from a new survey released by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners. According to the report, 42 percent of total iPhone buyers upgraded from a previous iPhone model. Samsung performed equally well with 43 percent of its existing smartphone buyers having upgraded from a previous Android model. Some of those had previously owned a smartphone from HTC, Motorola, or Nokia. Of new smartphone buyers, Apple scored highest with former BlackBerry customers. The survey wasn’t all good news for Apple. Feature phone owners were more likely to switch to a Samsung smartphone than an iPhone. Of those, 37 percent selected Samsung, while Apple took 26 percent. The results were based on data collected from four quarterly surveys taken between July 2012 and June 2013. Each survey reached 500 people who had purchased a smartphone during the prior 90 days. See also: The Resale Value Of The iPhone 4 Jumps As Its Retirement NearsSamsung Bests Apple In New Customer Satisfaction Phone Survey, and For Apple And Samsung, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do . Via: CNET
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