Apple’s iOS 7 started reaching the masses recently, however iDevice users could find that the new mobile OS renders their third-party Lightning cables unusable.

Over the course of the past few hours, a number of AppAdvice readers have been in touch, explaining that iOS 7 is now blocking their third-party, non-certified Lightning USB cables. As such, a large number of iDevice users have installed the seventh iteration of Apple’s mobile operating system only to find that their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch can no longer be charged using the cable they have.

Though the message pictured above advises that third-party chargers “may not work reliably with this iPhone,” our readers explain that iOS 7 appears to be outright blocking their charger, despite the cable having worked well under iOS 6.

Back in June, we explained that iOS 7 offered a “mild rebuke” when non-certified Lightning cables were plugged into an iDevice running the prerelease software. However, at this point it was still possible to charge an iOS 7-powered iDevice using such cables.

Now, the situation appears to have changed. Are you unable to charge your iDevice after installing iOS 7?

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