It seems Microsoft’s series of iPad-bashing TV ads weren’t enough. In a further attempt to encourage consumers to purchase its Surface instead of an iPad or iPad mini, Microsoft is now offering iOS defectors a $200 gift card when an old Apple-made tablet is traded in.

The news reached us from 9to5Mac, who explains that the campaign is valid from now up until Oct. 28, 2013.

Furthermore, Microsoft isn’t demanding that its $200 gift cards are used towards the purchase of a Surface tablet. Though the campaign appears to be engineered with this goal in mind, the $200 offering can actually be used towards the purchase of anything advertised in the Microsoft Store.

It’s clear that Microsoft is looking to boost Surface sales in any way possible, since adoption of the Windows-powered tablets has been incredibly weak. That being said, with a second-generation Surface announcement anticipated for later this month, you can expect the flailing tablet to appear on store shelves for a while longer.

You can also expect Microsoft’s anti-iPad ad campaign to continue, too.

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