Just a few months after introducing the Flex fitness tracker to the market, Fitbit is already planning a sequel. According to The Verge, the company will soon release the Force.

While the design is very similar to the Flex, the pictured wristband will come with a few additions, including a built-in altimeter, a significantly improved display, and watch functionality.

The altimeter will measure a user’s current altitude and drive the new “Floors” statistic that will show how many flights have been traveled each day.

Partially water resistant, the Force can also be used as a watch and will sport a physical button that will allow users to cycle through the settings and features of the wristband.

The Force will apparently retail for $129.95, $30 more than the Flex. Users will be able to select from a blue or black version of two different sizes – small and large.

No availability date is known, but the site has seen a number of promotional renders, photographs, and even a sizing guide, so it looks to be sooner than later.

Just yesterday, to honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Fitbit announced a pink special edition of the Flex that will be available at Apple Stores and through the company’s site. Fitbit will donate $10 to the American Cancer Society for each Flex purchased.

Earlier this month, the Fitbit app was updated to version 2.0 that added iOS 7 optimization and background syncing.