That was fast. Just days after a major iMessage bug was publicized, the lawsuits have begun. According to Bloomberg (via BusinessInsider) a suit has been filed in a San Jose, California federal court over the issue.

A former iPhone user, who switched to Android, claims she stopped getting some messages. The suit is also seeking class action status.

The issue happens when an iPhone user switches to a non-iOS device. Whenever someone who still uses an iPhone tries to send the user a message, it gets stuck in the so-called “iMessage purgatory.”

Interestingly enough, even though the message is never received, the iOS device user still gets read receipts.

Basically, when a former iPhone user stops using their Apple ID, the iMessage system is thrown for a loop. While iMessage is supposed to save users from having to text, I can definitely see how the bug could become annoying.

Currently, as my colleague Bryan M. Wolfe noted on Wednesday, there’s only one solution so far. And it’s pretty time consuming:

Android users who are no longer receiving text messages from iPhone users should ask their friends to delete them from their contacts list. When they re-add your information, they should select Mobile, not iPhone, as the telephone number field.

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