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All about music: Apple updates Logic Pro X, Logic Remote and MainStage 3

Clearly, Apple planned today to be a day for music-themed software releases.

Already, we’ve known that the company has launched a new music composition app for iOS called Music Memos and issued a major update to the iOS edition of its popular music creation app, GarageBand. And now, as it turns out, Apple has also pushed out new versions of Logic Pro X, Logic Remote, and MainStage 3.

Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X hero

First off, Logic Pro X, Apple’s advance digital audio workstation software for Mac, has been updated with the following enhancements and fixes:

  • New multi-threading feature improves performance when processing multiple live channels
  • Faster playback responsiveness when previewing Apple Loops and performing region edits
  • Flex Pitch editing can be performed within the Tracks area using a Piano Roll interface
  • A collection of 30 plug-ins have been redesigned to add Retina support and improve usability
  • Numerous improvements to Alchemy including Apple Loops support and 11 new spectral effects
  • Improved reliability when downloading additional content
  • Additional content can be downloaded directly from the Sound Library and Apple Loops browsers
  • Drum Machine Designer supports drag and drop of multiple audio files
  • The Step Editor can automatically create lanes to display all MIDI events in a region
  • New export option allows you to to create stems from multiple selected tracks
  • Improved VoiceOver support

To go with the new version of the app, Apple has published a profile of the producer and songwriter Greg Kurstin, sharing how he used Logic Pro X to record his sessions with Adele for the single “Hello” and two other tracks in her new album, “25.” You can read the profile on Apple’s website.

Greg Kurstin

Logic Remote

Also to go with the new version of Logic Pro X, Apple has released an update to the app’s official remote control app for iOS, Logic Remote.

Perhaps most notably, the latest update to Logic Remote, which up until now has been iPad-only, adds support for iPhone, enabling you to control your recording sessions more conveniently, even from the recording booth.

Logic Remote iPhone

Note, though, that Logic Remote for iPhone is compatible with Logic Pro X only (as opposed to also being compatible with previous versions of Logic Pro), and is limited to transport control, dual channel strip faders, automation recording, and access to key commands.

If you require more functionality, then Logic Remote for iPad is the way to go. Specifically, Logic Remote for iPad Pro.

Indeed, Logic Remote has also been optimized for Apple’s largest tablet. Taking advantage of the huge display of the iPad Pro, the app provides you with more range and room to play Touch Instruments, dial mixer faders, use the keyboard, and access key commands.

Logic Remote iPad Pro

The latest update to Logic Remote also allows the simultaneous use of multiple iOS devices and delivers connectivity improvements.

MainStage 3

Last but not least, MainStage 3, Logic Pro X’s live-performance companion app for Mac, has also received an update. That update brings the following enhancements and fixes:

  • A collection of 27 plug-ins have been redesigned to add Retina support and improve usability
  • Numerous improvements to Alchemy including Apple Loops support and 11 new spectral effects
  • Alchemy supports 3rd party Expressive MIDI Controllers including products from Roli and Roger Linn Design
  • Allows faster changing of your I/O device with large concert files
  • Clicking on an instrument layer in the workspace now selects the corresponding channel strip
  • Improved VoiceOver support

MainStage 3

Get them and make music

Logic Pro X and MainStage 3 are available on the Mac App Store for $199.99 and $29.99, respectively, while Logic Remote is available on the App Store for free.

With the new versions of these apps, plus the new Music Memos and the newly updated GarageBand, Apple is giving you even more powerful tools with which to make music on your Apple devices.

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