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Sword and Soldiers Available July 7 On The App Store

New 2D RTS game Sword and Soldiers comes to the App Store this Thursday, July 7. The game offers players the ability to control three unique factions -- including Chinese, Aztec, and Viking troops.

Swords & Soldiers Is Coming To iOS Soon

Soon Swords & Soldiers won't be exclusive to just consoles anymore. It is coming to iOS (iPhone and iPad) sometime this summer and is being published by none other than Chillingo. The game is a 2D RTS with lots of action and three nations to select from.

Donald In Magicland Comes To iPhone

Platform your way across stunning hand-drawn levels in Donald in Magicland. The game has just hit the iPhone and it is a 2D-retro platformer.

League Of Evil Update Adds 30 New Levels

League of Evil Gets more levels, a jungle theme and a bunch of new content in the latest 1.2 update. The game is a platformer with great controls and fast-paced gameplay.

Is Charlie In Trouble Worth The Trouble?

Charlie in Trouble is a 2D side-scrolling puzzle adventure that offers a ton of stages and challenges. But, is there enough content to offset the graphics and gameplay?

Review: Stick Golf HD

Stick Golf HD is a fun, content filled, replayable, challenging rendition of a game we thought we knew, and unless you are a golf purist, it will probably leave you thinking- 'This is what an iPad game should be like!'