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Clear co-developer's Hatch updated with 'eggfruit,' new decors and new pet house

Hatch has just received an update that brings a handful of new content for you and your pet fugu to enjoy.

Heads Up! Ellen DeGeneres' chart-topping guessing game goes free for the first time ever

Heads Up has you holding your iOS device on your head as it displays a word, which you have to guess from your friends' clues.

Hatch And Pocket God Crossover Adventure Lets Your Fugu Do The Ooga Jump

Hatch has just been updated with, most notably, a crossover adventure with Pocket God: Ooga Jump.

Train Your Virtual Pet Fugu To Perform New Tricks In The New Version Of Hatch

Clear co-developer Impending has just released another notable update to its popular virtual pet app for iPhone, Hatch.

Hatch Virtual Pet App Updated With New Trick, Holiday-Themed Items And More

Hatch, the cute and cuddly virtual pet fugu app created by Clear co-developers Impending and Realmac Software, has just gobbled up its second update.

Week-Old Virtual Pet Fugu App Hatch Gains Lots With First Ever Update

It's only a week old, but the hit virtual pet Fugu app Hatch has already been fed its first ever update.

Hatch May Mark The Birth Of A New Relationship On Your iPhone

"What if a tiny pet hatched on your phone? If it loved you, would you love it back?" -Max

Hatch, The Virtual Pet App From The Makers Of Clear, Finally Hatches On iOS

Nearly a year after it was introduced to eager virtual pet owners around the world, Hatch has finally, well, hatched on iOS.

Productivity App Clears 350K Downloads In Just Nine Days

Clear, the gesture-based to-do list iPhone app, has been downloaded more than 350,000 times.

Task Management Gets Simplified With Clear, A New App Coming Soon

Clear will simplify the arduous task of task management.