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A Few Billion Square Tiles takes Minesweeper to a multiplayer scale

Looking for a new take on Minesweeper? This online multiplayer version makes the classic game more social and less stressful.

iOS Apps Gone Free: SpeedText Pro, TapDot, Candidates, And More

Today's AGF list includes a typing app, a frantic tapping game, and an app to help you vote.

Minesweeper On Your iDevice With Various Tile Shapes In ultiMine Plus

Minesweeper has been brought to your iDevice with some extra options: you can now choose to play on different tile sets including Honeycomb (which has hexagonal shaped tiles) or Stone Floor (which has squares of different sizes).

Immerse Yourself In The Colorful World Of Minesweeper Of Wizard

Minesweeper of Wizard is a fresh take on the classic Minesweeper game we all know so well.

Help Our Heroine Find Her Boyfriend Among The Explosions In Zombie Minesweeper

Zombie Minesweeper is a love story, believe it or not. Our poor heroine must make her way through minefields in hopes of finding her boyfriend on the other side.

Experience A Classic Revival With MineSweeper Touch

Minesweeper is one of the oldest computer games that's still played today, and SkyPaw brings a polished and updated version to iOS in MineSweeper Touch. Do the new features make it a worthy app?

Quickadvice: IAmDungeon- A New Take On Minesweeper

IAmDungeon ($1.99) by IAmDungeon is a logic puzzle game that is similarly fashioned after the popular computer game, Minesweeper.