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Help Our Heroine Find Her Boyfriend Among The Explosions In Zombie Minesweeper

Help Our Heroine Find Her Boyfriend Among The Explosions In Zombie Minesweeper

August 11, 2011
Zombie Minesweeper by Frogtoss Games, Inc. icon

Zombie Minesweeper ($0.99) by Frogtoss Games, Inc. takes Minesweeper to an entirely new level. And this time it's infested with undead. Is this game as awesome as it sounds? Yes!

I realize Minesweeper is kind of a Windows thing, but back then I was a Windows user (intervention time). I played a lot of Minesweeper in the mid 1990s, mostly during computer class when I was supposed to be learning the "home keys." For the record, I type over 70 words per minute and still don't use the home keys. Take that, Mrs. Kowitz!

Zombie Minesweeper by Frogtoss Games, Inc. screenshot

Enter our heroine. She's all ready to go on a romantic getaway with her boyfriend when — oh, snap! Zombie apocalypse! But she's not going to let a zombie outbreak keep her from her boyfriend. No way! She sets out immediately to make it through her neighborhood and meet up with him. Now, that's one hardcore chick. This is my kind of love story. Mainly because there are zombies. And explosions.

Carefully navigate the mazes that make up her suburban neighborhood and make it to the end. Moving is as simple as tapping on the spot you wish to walk to. Like the original minesweeper, as you walk, you will slowly reveal numbers. The numbers are how many mines surround that particular square. Be careful, if you accidentally hit one, you'll scream and be sent back to the beginning.

You can also mark mines with flags. Just tap on the flag icon and then on the space where you want to place it.

The more mines you hit, the more your score will suffer. Oh, and the high-pitched, girly shriek that this girl lets out if she hits a mine will make your ears bleed. So you have that to motivate you not to fail.

Along the way, you'll encounter zombified animals. They'll slowly come after you and try to eat your face, but luckily you can collect different weapons along the way (e.g., bombs) and destroy them before they get to you. Tap on the weapon icon and then on the spot you wish to place it. But don't worry, PETA, no actual animals were harmed in the making of this game. Just the undead ones.

Once you get to the end of each unique level, you will find a detonator. Walk on top of it and watch as all of the mines explode and the zombies are blown to smithereens.

Zombie Minesweeper by Frogtoss Games, Inc. screenshot

If you want to, you can connect to Twitter and share your scores and achievements. There are over 30 levels to master and many achievements to get in this innovative puzzler.

Unfortunately, it only supports OpenFeint and not Game Center. This is something I would like to see changed. I did experience some minor lag at times, usually when completing a level, so hopefully they will fix this as well.

It's a universal app, and currently on sale in the App Store for $0.99. This is an introductory price, though, so get it while you can! The music sets the zombie apocalypse mood perfectly, and the graphics are great. It's literally Minesweeper, but so much better — and with zombies!

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