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Canary Mail - Encrypted Email

One of the most full-featured secure email apps you'll ever find

This is what iOS Mail should be

Canary Mail - Encrypted Email

by Mailr Tech LLP
Magically clean your invox
Canary Mail - Encrypted Email
Canary Mail - Encrypted Email
$4.99 in the App Store

This is what iOS Mail should be. Easy encryption, natural language search, instant read receipts and much more are baked right in.

Magically clean your invox. Canary Mail uses algorithms to determine which of your emails is likely to just be junk. A tap on the magic wand and a scroll through your email is all it takes to find, select, and then delete those unwanted junk emails.

Magically clean your invox
Filters for what you need

Filters for what you need. Canary Mail has built in filters for your unread, starred, and unanswered email. This makes it easy to focus on what's important when you're working through your inbox.

What is it about?

Canary Mail fully supports OpenPGP email encryption in a gorgeous and full-featured way. You can search several key repositories for your contacts, or import their public keys through iTunes File Sharing. That's how you get your own public and private keys into Canary Mail, too.

For those who...

  • Spend too much time on email
  • Want strong email encryption and plenty of other features

Not for those who...

  • Are happy with iOS Mail
  • Don't use email encryption

Why we love it

Not only does Canary Mail offers great OpenPGP email encryption, but it's a pleasure to use. You can choose whether to sign and encrypt your email as you send it, assuming you have the recipient's public PGP key. The unified inbox is gorgeous, and the filters work to make your email time more efficient and productive. The features I depend upon, like instant read receipts and the ability to snooze an email until later, are baked into the app, too. I've yet to find a secure email app as gorgeous and fully-functional as Canary.

App Screenshots

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App Details

Productivity Utilities
Last updated
October 12, 2017
Release date
June 20, 2017
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App Store Description

If you think you can buy Canary and forget it, forget it. It is so delightful to use and behold, we bet you won’t go back to your boring old email app again. And you shouldn’t – this is 2017, and encrypted email is a necessity.

When you send an email with Canary, you can choose to be notified instantly when your recipient reads your email. This makes emailing more interactive, and enables effective follow-up.

Canary automatically identifies important emails and highlights them in the ‘Focused’ Inbox. You can choose to be notified of important emails only. What’s more, you can automatically clear out less important email.

Canary’s natural language search enables you to find what you need, in the way you think about it. So you could search for “Emails to Tim”, “Photos from dad”, “Spreadsheets this week”, to get the right email or file at the first shot.

Canary is incredibly secure and offers PGP encryption out of the box. To simplify key management, it lets you search for your contacts on Keybase.

• Excellent performance with small disk footprint
• Know when your emails are read, with instant notifications
• Pin important emails to the top of your Inbox, eg, your ticket before your flight
• Snooze emails to handle later, with customizable wake times
• Unsubscribe with one tap
• Choose the right signature via an easy swipe
• Choose to be notified of important emails only
• Focused Inbox and auto bulk mail cleaner
• Powerful natural language search
• End-to-end encryption with PGP, and Keybase integration
• Google Drive and Dropbox integration for sending large attachments
• Support for most IMAP providers, including Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Fastmail, etc
• Support for Gmail labels and categories, eg, Primary, Social, etc
• Support for Exchange (if IMAP is enabled on the server)

• Canary does not store your credentials or access tokens on our server
• New mail is fetched from your iPhone and stored on your iPhone
• To receive notifications, please enable notifications, background app refresh, and do not force quit the app by swiping up