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Honmon: Icerapin & Friends

Honmon Sticker Pack #7

Honmon Sticker Pack #7

Honmon: Icerapin & Friends

by Honmon, Inc.
Honmon: Icerapin & Friends
Honmon: Icerapin & Friends
Honmon: Icerapin & Friends

What is it about?

Honmon Sticker Pack #7

Honmon: Icerapin & Friends

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Stickers Family Emoji & Expressions Role Playing Animals & Nature
Last updated
October 10, 2019
Release date
October 10, 2019
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App Store Description

Honmon Sticker Pack #7
by Hiromi Kamasaki

① Icerapin is a crystal-plated triceratops covered in snow. Her body is so big and her head so hard that she inadvertently KOs her playmates!

・Me Too!
・Need Directions
・Warm Hug!

② Thunderang is a toucan able to call thunder with the flap of its wing. It loves pranking enemies and flying away before they can retaliate.

・Watching You
・Air Drop!

③ Scarapin is a scarab brooch that constantly upgrades itself to the latest transistor tech.

・Drenched in Rain
・It’s TIME!
・Collected Them All!

④ Gemight is an armored rhino powered by a magical gem. The ground trembles with each step! After years of bodybuilding, he evolves into Gemaknight!

・All Assemble!

⑤ Peacrock is a jeweled peacock skilled in mimicry. She loves art so much she’ll copy your ideas!

・Look What I Found!
・Happy Thanksgiving!

⑥ Chessmate is an animated chess knight with a giant ego. It aggressively attacks anything in its way.

・Coming Through!
・You’re Stupid.

⑦ Pterre is a serrated pterodactyl that soars the skies to deliver mail. He works hard but tends to cruise when others aren’t watching.

・Never Give Up!
・Good Morning!
・No Prob!
・You’ve Got Mail!

⑧ Koberos is a cerberus pup that commands a serpent scarf. Together, they cook up schemes to ensnare enemies.

・Scheming Face
・Too Bad!
・Game Over!

⑨ Zaprat is a lab rat revived from failed experiments!

・Tastes So Good!
・Good Morning!

⑩ Dentoto is a hamster whose collar transforms into a wheel able to generate electric power.

・Light Speed
・Let’s Play!

⑪ Harpui is a songbird with a harp tail. Sing along with her chirpy tune!

⑫ Kuronecro is a witch's black cat adept in hexes & curses. After years of research, she evolves into Nekomancer!

・Cursed Glare
・Charging Spell

⑬ Kabochan is a mischievous jack-o'-lantern with spidery roots.

・Cracking the Whip
・Trick or Treat!

⑭ Luceed is a peppy seed that grows healing herbs by moonlight.

・Plants Sprouting
・Warm Sunshine
・Leaf Attack!

⑮ Ferrei is a telepathic ferret able to channel healing thoughts. Don’t bother her when she’s concentrating!

⑯ Ringoala is an apple-headed koala that wields a blade of grass and spits appleseeds.

・Got It!
・Spitting Seeds
・Follow Me!

⑰ Takoko is a lotus-eared octopus able to control currents.


⑱ Sabite is a saber-toothed tiger with icicle fangs and a bite of frost.

⑲ Fridjoey is a kangaroo with inductor arms powering its 1-2 punch: an icy left hook, followed by an electric right jab.

・Zoom In

⑳ Grizzicle is an ice cream bear with a hard exterior but a soft heart. After a long nap, he feels invincible!

㉑ Surusagi is a ninja bunny that ambushes enemies by fading in and out of blizzards. It rarely misses with snowflake shuriken.

・Ninja Star

㉒ Chicktryce is an eggshelled fowl that can petrify on eyesight.

㉓ Kokuhakuma is a twin panda: its light side prefers to share, but its dark side greedily consumes.

・Good & Evil
・Here, Have This!
・So Hungry!

㉔ Rubeads is a jeweled squirrel that collects shiny things.

・Collect Them All!
・So Pretty!

㉕ Flaminky is a flying flamingo with wings so hot they generate a heat wave when flapped!

・Hot Wings!
・On My Way!
・Can’t Catch Me!

㉖ Fl’eautoad is a fountain frog statue whose waterfall mouth never stops.

・Shrug It Off
・Frog Tongue

㉗ Boiluga is a glass whale brimming with boiling water. Try not to mistake it for a teapot: It spouts burning hot water when angry!

・Boileen HOT!

㉘ Pigabit is a firebreathing pig made of electronic circuitry.

・Don’t Touch!
・Burnt Out!

Keep your eyes peeled for other Honmon sticker packs! Collect them all!

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