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iGlide lite

iGlide - the Soaring Navigation Software from AIR Avionics

iGlide - the Soaring Navigation Software from AIR Avionics

iGlide lite

by Butterfly Avionics GmbH
iGlide lite
$33.99 in the App Store

What is it about?

iGlide - the Soaring Navigation Software from AIR Avionics

iGlide lite

App Details

Navigation Sports
Last updated
October 17, 2016
Release date
April 13, 2012
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iGlide lite is $33.99 but there are more add-ons

  • $79.99

    iGlide Advanced Features

  • $119.99

    iGlide Pro Features

App Store Description

iGlide - the Soaring Navigation Software from AIR Avionics

iGlide is a soaring navigation App with advanced functionality that is amazingly easy to use. iGlide supports pilots during competition or recreational flights.

iGlide comes in three editions at three price-points. Starting with "iGlide lite" and "iGlide advanced" up to "iGlide pro". All apps can be upgraded later on with paying the price difference as an in-app-purchase.

Features of iGlide lite:
- Simple and easy to use Direct-To function
 with navigation to one point
- High-resolution terrain map
- Final glide calculator with Ballast, Bugs, MacCready and aircraft polars
- Profile view showing terrain and airpsace on course
- Vertical airspace overview and airpsace warnings
- Free airport and airspace-database with free updates
- Additonal data can be purchased as in-app-purchase
- Flight-statistics with logbook
- Traffic is displayed on map, if appropriate datasource is connected
- Visual and voice traffic warnings, if appropriate datasource is connected
- Many display options individually configurable
- Flight-logging (IGC and KML format)
- Livetracking on different servers (e.g.
- Trackline on map
- Import of all common data formats (CUP/DAT/OpenAir/PLR etc.)
- DropBox integration for logfile and data synchronisation
- METAR weather data (iPhone only, internet connection required)

Additional features in iGlide advanced:
- Routeplanning for free routes over several turnpoints (multiple waypoints)
- direct flight upload to OLC (
- Rubberband function for easy route manipulation
- Accurate wind-determination (external GPS-Source may be required)
- Send logfiles via email

Additional features in iGlide pro: 

- Calculation and display of current OLC-distance
- Extensive route planning with assigned areas and implementation of latest FAI Rules (e.g. finish circle)
- FAI triangle optimization
- Display of route statistic data
- Final-glide calculation over terrain
- Live and super-easy AAT optimization
- Climb Optimizer


WARNING: Older devices are not supported

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