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KaiserTone Audio Player +HiRes

Feel the power of music

Feel the power of music

KaiserTone Audio Player +HiRes

by CyberFort LLC
KaiserTone Audio Player +HiRes
KaiserTone Audio Player +HiRes
KaiserTone Audio Player +HiRes
$9.99 in the App Store

What is it about?

Feel the power of music.

KaiserTone Audio Player +HiRes

App Details

Music Lifestyle
Last updated
February 18, 2018
Release date
October 22, 2013
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App Store Description

Feel the power of music.

KaiserTone contains the "Amazing Quality Sound Engine AQS-IXa”. This high-speed sound engine makes use of over 64000 frequency bands to deliver the very highest quality audio. Sound Engine AQS-IXa provides an equalizer, virtual surround, cross fader, gapless playback, silence detection, noise reduction, and a dynamic limiter, to allow you to listen to your favorite music at your preferred sound quality.

KaiserTone plays music files stored on the iTunes library and in the high-resolution music database (HiRes DB).

Supports High-resolution sources:
1) playback of high-res sources up to 768kHz/32bits
2) PCM and DoP (DSD over PCM) playback of high-res DSD files up to 12MHz/1bit.

Supported audio format:
- iPod Library(iTunes): audio format used by Music App of Apple
- Hires DB: DSD(2.8MHz~12MHz/1bit, .dsf, .dff), FLAC(8k~384kHz/8~32bit), WAV(8k~768kHz/8~64bit), Apple Lossless(8k~384kHz), AIFF(8k~768kHz/8~32bit), AAC(8~320 Kbps), MP3(8~320 Kbps), MP4(as Sound), M4V(as Sound)

Compatible models:
iPhone X, 8, 8Plus, 7, 7Plus, 6s, 6sPlus, 6, 6Plus, SE, 5s, 5c, 5, 4s, iPod touch 6, 5, iPad Pro, Air2, Air

Playback Options:
- 6 modes of continuous playback (include Medley)
- Music shuffle
- Spectrum analyzer (stereo split, bandwidth resolution, persistence, etc.)
- Speaker, headphones, Bluetooth, AirPlay, and dock
- SNS posting (iOS11 or later, Twitter, facebook, Line, Mail(Manual))
- Sleep Timer from 10 minutes up to 8 hours.

Sound Quality Effect:
- Presets equalizer: Normal, Perfect, Eargasm Explosion, Rock, Rap, Metal, Country, Jazz, Acoustic, Classic, Blues, Oldies, Reggae, Opera, Speech, Bass, Mid, Treble
- Graphic equalizer:(5 Band, 10 Band, 20 Band, 30 Band, Spline curve 16k, 32k)
Range: -12dB ~ +12dB. (Minimum Step: 0.1, 0.5, 1.0dB)
Six types of equalizers for your enjoyment:
○ Beginner: 5 Frequency bands: 100Hz-8KHz
○ Average: 10 bands: 32Hz-16KHz
○ Expert: 20 bands: 32Hz-22.62KHz
○ Master: 30 bands: 25Hz-6.3KHz
○ Spline Curve: Customizable frequency band range
 16k: 32Hz-16KHz, 32k: 16Hz-32KHz
- Virtual surround sound presets
- Digital Output (Max 768kHz/32bit)
- DoP output v1.0/v1.1
- "Prevent the head cutting" for DAC (0 to 3.0 seconds)
- Up-sampling with integral multiples settings

- Fine volume control
- Left and right balance control
- Gain adjustments

Music Selection
- Playback music from the iTunes Library and the HiRes DB.
- by artists, albums, songs, genres, playlists(Create/Delete), Compilations, Composers, SampleRates and Formats.
- "Shuffle" play can be selected from the song list.
- "All songs" has the top of the artist and album lists.
- Songs can be searched from the artist, album, and song listings.
- “Album artist” settings in the general settings.
- Grid View (Available on iPhone5 or more)
* Only Playlist created in this app can be deleted

- Customize the design with 24 different colors
- Silence detection (Automatically skip silences lasting 3 or more consecutive seconds.)
- Automatic dynamic limiter, noise reduction, and caching
- Spectrum analyzer (stereo split, bandwidth, color, persistence, etc.)
- Crossfade (0 to 20 seconds)
- Pause Fadeout (0 to 1.0 seconds)
- Album art view swipe action settings
- Player orientation settings (auto, lock to portrait/landscape)
- Edit the music selection tags

- 7 Virtual surround sound presets (live Reverb)
- Control playback with headphone buttons and Bluetooth
- Supports output with speakers, headphones, Bluetooth, AirPlay and docks
- Album art display
- Gapless playback
- Auto pause on unplugging headphones / receiving a phone call
- Lock screen display settings
- Background playback
- URL scheme (kaisertone://)
- Display lyrics when included in the song file
- importation to the HirRes DB of folders containing PKG and Zip files by iTunes and AirDrop, a file by Files app on iOS11 or later

Notes :
* It cannot play a file with DRM or DFF compression.
* It cannot play a file downloaded from Apple Music.