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In Perchang, you will tap and hold the correct color to activate the gizmos in order to get the balls to their goal


by Perchang
The basics
The basics
The devices
The devices
The levels
The levels

This enjoyable 3-D puzzler tests your brain power as well as your coordination.

In Perchang, you will tap and hold the correct color to activate the gizmos in order to get the balls to their goal. The game offers 60 challenging levels, 18 Game Center achievements, and the ability to connect to Facebook to see how well your friends do.

The basics

The basics

You will need to tap and hold on the correct color to activate the gizmo and get the balls to their goal. The first puzzle gives you just a taste of how to do this, however, the controls are super easy. When it becomes time to do some color-switching is when the real fun begins.

What is it about?

Perchang is an imaginative puzzle game. The 3-D graphics are amazing, the soundtrack is cinematic and lively, and the gameplay is truly enjoyable. Each puzzle offers a unique challenge and solution for an overall intriguing and engaging game for fans of this genre.

The devices

As you successfully make your way through the 60 puzzles, various new devices will pop up. You will start with simple flippers, but soon find yourself controlling fans and even anti-gravity hoops. This all brings a fresh and enjoyable feel to each and every puzzle because you must figure out how each is used.

The devices

Why we love it?

Perchang is a game of skill, coordination, and creative thinking. Your mission in each of the 60 puzzles is to get the balls to the goal using flippers, magnets, fans, and other cool contraptions. How you use these devices is up to you to figure out.

The levels

The levels

Make your way through the areas and levels and do your best to collect gold medals by getting the balls to the goals as quickly as possible. With Game Center support there are 18 achievements and you can see how you compare to your Facebook friends too.

App Details

Release date
June 22, 2016
Last updated
November 13, 2016
Developer Site
It's for you if
  • Enjoy puzzle games
  • Like level-based gameplay
  • Like gorgeous 3-D graphics
But not for you if
  • Dislike puzzle games
  • Prefer score-based gameplay
  • Prefer shooters or racers

App Store Description

Welcome to Perchang! A test of skill and puzzle solving across 60 stunning levels.

Exercise your brain and test your coordination to guide the tiny balls to their goal. Activate flippers, magnets, portals, fans, anti-gravity hoops and many more gizmos to complete each mind bending stage. Don't take too long though.... You're on the clock!

Using our unique and easy to use control system, the power is in your hands to solve puzzles and test your skills.

Finish the levels as quickly as you can to add to your medal haul and climb the leaderboard of all your friends!

"Perchang: Black": 24 new gravity defying levels to challenge you. Available as a separate purchase.


"I am loving every second of it" 5 Stars - App Advice

"a seriously gorgeous game" - Touch Arcade

"a beautiful and incredibly well designed puzzle game" - 148Apps


- 60 Stunningly rendered 3D courses to test your skills.
- Simple controls with deep mechanics so anyone can pick up and play.
- From flippers to teleporters, there are loads of unique gizmos to guide the balls through levels.
- Tax your brain and solve puzzles by switching the colours of mechanisms.
- Hit your goals quickly to collect all the gold medals.
- Use all your skill and wits to earn achievements.
- Unlock the special Gold Runs for the hardest challenges!

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