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Piano Kit - Piano Chords

The most excellent Piano Chord Form tool in the world, in your pocket

The most excellent Piano Chord Form tool in the world, in your pocket

Piano Kit - Piano Chords

by Hidenori Matsuoka
Piano Kit - Piano Chords
Piano Kit - Piano Chords
Piano Kit - Piano Chords
$2.99 in the App Store

What is it about?

The most excellent Piano Chord Form tool in the world, in your pocket!

Piano Kit - Piano Chords

App Details

Music Utilities
Last updated
January 8, 2018
Release date
September 7, 2012
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Piano Kit is $2.99 but there are more add-ons

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App Screenshots

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App Store Description

The most excellent Piano Chord Form tool in the world, in your pocket!
You can search almost chord form and display it. Piano Kit has enough huge preset library.
And you can create your original fingering forms.

Piano Kit has very large preset library, but you can view a target chord form so easily!
You can directly select a chord form by smooth scrolling Chord Picker or focus on a little chord forms by typing a part of chord name. You can search by various Enharmonic Equivalents.
If you tap the top piano keyboard, Piano Kit play each note. And if you select a chord in the list or cell, play chord any times.

Favorites Tab allows to memory your favorite chord forms.
And Chart has 4 octave keyboard and allows to view more than one chord, so it’s especially convenient for you to confirm chord forms in specific song.

Display doesn’t dim during working. It can be trusted to think other thing or play songs.
And you can handle multiple songs by “Export Chart (Native Format)” feature.

Make Tab allows to create your original chord forms.
You can handle them as like preset library almost completely.
Of course you can add new chord form similar to existing chord form using Reproduce Form function easily.
And you can slide decided chord form to left or right. So you’ll be able to add chord forms changed Root note in succession.
Suggest Form function offers randomly new chord form contains selected notes.
And Guess Chord Name function suggests chord names by decided chord form or selected notes on 1 octave keyboard.

Scale Tab allows to view many popular scales.
And also you can find matched chords with a scale you selected.

You can toggle setting Note Name / Interval for each note.

You can back up data you’ve created to Mail and Dropbox and others. And you can restore it at any time.

And also, you can export Chart Chord Forms as SMF(Standard MIDI File) to Mail and Dropbox and others, so you will be able to use as Chord Progression if you import it to your DAW.
By the way, Piano Kit exports Chord Name as Marker.

“Export Chart (Native Format)” function is added. If you handle Chart by Piano Kit only, this feature is very easy. Even if some chart chord forms don’t exist in Library Tab, Native Format can be imported to Chart exactly. It is like function open and save multiple songs.

Quick working and most beautiful Piano Chord Form app “Piano Kit” is very useful for you, exactly!

Advanced Option :
When you’ll buy this low price add-on, you can use more Chords and Scales. It will provide a complete set usually.

You can read full function description at support page.