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Pocket Casts
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A One-Size-Fits-All podcasting experience

Pocket Casts is a great choice for those new to the world of podcasts, as it boasts an extremely attractive, intuitive interface that simplifies the process of finding, adding, and organizing your podcast subscriptions

Pocket Casts

by ShiftyJelly PTY LTD
Pocket Casts
Pocket Casts
$3.99 in the App Store

Pocket Casts is a great choice for those new to the world of podcasts, as it boasts an extremely attractive, intuitive interface that simplifies the process of finding, adding, and organizing your podcast subscriptions. The app’s design is so attractive, however, that it can be easy to overlook its flaws (which are few, but important). For example, Pocket Casts doesn’t support password-protected feeds, doesn’t allow users to download or stream single episodes of podcasts without subscribing, doesn’t display an episode list on the show’s information page, and opens links from show notes in Safari, not the in-app browser. However, it also boasts server-side episode checking, which means it refreshes your feeds extremely quickly and is less prone to hanging upon refreshing than other apps. Although power users may find Pocket Casts's lack of customization frustrating, it's a great choice for anyone who doesn't want to have to fiddle with multiple settings screens to listen to podcasts.

Apple Watch
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Pocket Casts Offers Apple Watch App
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Discovery. Pocket Casts is known to differentiate from the other apps in terms of the discovery section. Rather than give you a list of episodes and shows, you can browse a beautiful grid interface that showcases everyone's podcast art in a bold and significant way. Whether you're attracted to pretty things or just want to look for the artwork that you recognize, the grid interface is beautiful and makes it easy to find and discover if you're a visual person. Plus there are all the smooth animations and transitions that play as you browse, making it a fun pleasure to just tinker around with the app as a whole.

Individual settings

Individual settings. The great thing about Pocket Casts is the beautiful flexibility that the app offers. It has a simple interface but can be just as powerful as others like Downcast. When you go to view a show's information, you have the option to subscribe or unsubscribe. But on top of that, there are individual settings such as choosing how far to start every episode (great for skipping long and unnecessary intro sound clips if that isn't your thing), choose to auto download every new episode, get notifications, auto cleanup, and much more. Just having the option to skip ahead a certain number of seconds makes Pocket Casts a must have for some people. I mean yeah, those intro bits are great the first few times, but sometimes you just want to jump right in to the discussion, right?

Intuitive playback. Pocket Casts has a unique feature where the colors on the playback screen change to match the theme of the podcast artwork. While this is a pretty subtle feature, it's noticeable to those who are perfectionists and it makes the entire experience that much better. The playback screen also has other useful features, such as a sleep timer, customizable skip and rewind buttons that are intuitive to use or undo, and more. You can even share the episode that you're listening to with others, and even choose to have them start at the point you're at, which is great if you want to get a point across, or want to make sure someone hears a particular part.

Intuitive playback

What is it about?

Pocket Casts is available on a variety of platforms, making it a true cross-platform podcast player solution for those who deal with multiple devices. Just create an account so that your subscriptions go everywhere with you, and then discover new shows and subscribe to your heart's content! The app's playback interface changes color to match the podcast artwork, which is one of the best features and makes it stand out among the rest. You can stream, download, and even import and export your feeds if needed. It's a simplistic and gorgeous solution for your podcast listening needs.

For those who...

  • Want a cross-platform experience for podcast listening
  • Prefer something beautiful to look at

Not for those who...

  • Want something barebones
  • Don't care for looks

Why we love it

Its beautiful and provides powerful options and customization without being too complicated.

App Screenshots

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App Details

News Utilities
Last updated
July 25, 2017
Release date
January 26, 2011
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App Store Description

Pocket Casts is a premium podcasting app for iPhone and iPad.
Wired: "Pocket Casts Is the Podcast App Every iPhone User Needs"
iMore: "Pocket Casts is the best podcast app for iPhone"

With a unique set of simple, yet powerful features and a limitless podcast database, you're sure to find something for you:

Design: Your podcasts have never looked so beautiful, colours change to complement podcast artwork
Themes: Choose between dark and light display themes
Universal: Custom but familiar iPad interface, supporting Slide Over, Split View and Picture in Picture

Up next: Automatically build a playback queue from your favorite shows
Trim silence: Cut silences from episodes so you finish them faster, saving hours
Variable speed: Change the play speed from anywhere between 0.5 to 3x
Volume boost: Increase the volume of voices, while decreasing background noise
Stream: Play episodes on the fly
Chapters: Jump between chapters in the MP3 and AAC formats
Audio & video: Play all of your favorite episodes, toggle video to audio
Skip playback: Skip episode intros, jump through episodes with custom skip intervals
CarPlay: browse your podcasts and filters to find an interesting episode, then control playback. All without ever touching your phone
Apple Watch: Control playback from the Now Playing Glance
Sleep timer: We'll pause your episode so you can rest your weary head
Airplay & Chromecast: Send episodes straight to your TV with a single tap

Sync: Subscriptions, playback and filters are all securely stored in the cloud. You can pick up where you left off on another device and even the web
Refresh: Let our servers check for new episodes, so you can get on with your day
Notifications: We'll let you know when new episodes arrive, if you like
Auto download: Automatically download episodes for offline playback
Filters: Custom filters will organize your episodes
Storage: All the tools you need to keep your podcasts tamed

Discover: Subscribe to any podcast in iTunes and more. Browse by charts, networks and categories
Share: Spread the word with podcast and episode sharing
OPML: Jump on board without any hassle with OPML import. Export your collection at any time

There are many more powerful, straight-forward features that make Pocket Casts the perfect podcasting app for you. So what are you waiting for?

Visit for more info about the web and other platforms supported by Pocket Casts.