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Run Predict - Running Smarter

The Runners Performance Calculator for all ages and abilities

The Runners Performance Calculator for all ages and abilities

Run Predict - Running Smarter

by Terry McMorrow
Run Predict - Running Smarter
Run Predict - Running Smarter
Run Predict - Running Smarter

What is it about?

The Runners Performance Calculator for all ages and abilities

Run Predict - Running Smarter

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Health & Fitness Sports
Last updated
November 30, 2017
Release date
January 9, 2016
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App Store Description

The Runners Performance Calculator for all ages and abilities
Perfect for motivation, training and improving your running:
• Pace & Speed - in both miles and kilometres
• Predicted Running Times - based on your performance, what your time would be for 32 different distances from 100m right up to 200km
• Age Graded Percentage - how your run compares against the world best time for your age & gender
• Age Graded Time - your running time adjusted to what it would have been or will be during your prime running years
• Age Graded Class - from Personal Class to World Record Class, see how well you have performed
• VO2 Max - your maximum rate of oxygen consumption, a good indication of your aerobic fitness and your endurance levels
• Calories - how many calories you burned during your run
• Age Graded Equivalent Times - the time that someone else of a different age and/or gender, but with an equal performance, would run the same distance as you
• Age Graded Class Target Times - the minimum running times required for you to achieve each of the different Age Graded Classes for your chosen distance

Easy to use:
• Just enter your age, gender and weight
• Then enter the distance and running time of any run
• Both Metric and Imperial units
• No need to carry it with you whilst you are running

Use for any type of run:
• Outdoor running
• Treadmill running
• Any distance from 100m right up to 200km

For all ages and abilities:
• For beginners to elite runners
• For walking pace to world record pace
• For all ages, from 5 years old up to 100 years old

Save your results:
• You can save all your best performances to the App to view them at any time

Share your results:
• You can share any of your results to a number of different media

So many uses, here are just a few:
• A great source of motivation for you to improve your running performance
• An invaluable training aid for your running
• Calculate your pace and speed for any distance
• See your predicted times for 32 different distances
• Compare your own performances with those of any other runner regardless of their age and gender
• Compare your current running performances with those from when you were younger
• See how well you are likely to perform as you get older
• Find out what level you are performing at: Personal Class, Local Class, Regional Class, National Class or World Class
• Set yourself realistic target times for new distances
• Help prepare yourself for races
• Predict your race results
• Identify the distances where you need more training
• Find out if your natural running bias is towards speed or endurance
• See whether you have actually outperformed someone of a different age and/or gender even if your time was slower
• Work out fairer results for mixed age and/or mixed gender races by using Age Grading
• See just how good the world's best runners really are!