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Discover SleepIQ® ® technology

Discover SleepIQ® ® technology


by Select Comfort Corporation

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Discover SleepIQ® ® technology.


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Health & Fitness Lifestyle
Last updated
July 24, 2017
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February 14, 2014
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Discover SleepIQ® ® technology.
Only Available with Sleep Number® beds.

Smarter sleep awaits! SleepIQ® 3.1 introduces Routines, a new feature that helps create consistent sleep patterns for better sleep. As in previous versions, SleepIQ® uses intelligent biometrics to provide a daily score and useful sleep tips based upon your personal goals and sleep patterns. All you have to do is sleep!


Routines: NEW to SleepIQ® is the Routines feature. Following a bedtime routine is a great way to get more consistent, restful sleep. SleepIQ® can effortlessly help you stick to a plan with bedtime reminders that will help you clear your mind before bed.

Choose the days you would like to set the same routine (for example, Monday-Thursday). Tell SleepIQ® when you want to go to sleep.
You will receive a personalized bedtime reminder that you create (“Remember to let Fido out before bed!”) at the time of your choosing so you know to prepare your mind and body for sleep.
You can edit routines and add routines for different nights of the week, so you can adjust your plan to your individual schedule. Note: If you get into bed before your stated bedtime, Routine features will not work.


SleepIQ® is simple to use, thanks to the navigation bar that runs across most screens. In each tab, you’ll find the following:

Sleep: Understand how you get your best sleep with at-a-glance information. See last night’s key sleep metrics, including SleepIQ® score, SLEEP NUMBER® setting, biometrics, and sleep times. A summary statement provides context to what your metrics mean, making SleepIQ® actionable and applicable to your day-to-day life

Were you in bed reading for a while before sleep? Edit your sleep session to reflect the time you were actually sleeping. To do so, tap on the chart on the Sleep screen, which will take you to a second, more detailed sleep screen. From here, touch “Edit Sleep Session,” which will provide sliders that allow you to trim the beginning or end of a sleep session.

Insights: Tracking trends over time helps you get more from SleepIQ®. See how changes to your daily activities – including changing your SLEEP NUMBER® setting – impacts your SleepIQ® score and your overall sleep.

Bed Controls: SleepIQ® makes controlling your SLEEP NUMBER® bed simple – no remote necessary.
Use the guided experience to find your SLEEP NUMBER® setting; simply follow the step-by-step instructions for your ideal level of comfort.
Choose a position preset for your FlexFit™ ™ adjustable base or use the up/down arrows to make minor adjustments until you’ve found the right position for you.
Control optional items like Underbed Light from Accessories, and easily access Routines
Feed: Find the SleepIQ® tutorial in Feed, where you can follow a guided walkthrough to learn how to get the most out of SleepIQ®. Coming soon: Tips, hints and articles to help you get the most of your sleep will appear in Feed

Settings: Simple set up leads to an effortless night of smarter sleep.
SleepIQ® ® also allows you to track delivery of your new SLEEP NUMBER® bed in real time, giving you the confidence to manage the order of your bed.
Registering your SleepIQ® account is fast and easy. By logging personal information like age and location, SleepIQ® can get to know you and deliver the most personalized experience possible.
Connect to select health & wellness apps so they can inform SleepIQ® of your daily activities – and you’ll see how they impact your sleep. If you choose, SleepIQ® will integrate with the following home, health and wellness apps:
Apple Health
Microsoft Health

Know. Better. Sleep.