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Sudo: Secure Private Messenger

Free global calls & messaging, custom phone numbers, flexible email and 100% privacy — in one simple app

Free global calls & messaging, custom phone numbers, flexible email and 100% privacy — in one simple app

Sudo: Secure Private Messenger

by Anonyome Labs, Inc
Sudo: Secure Private Messenger
Sudo: Secure Private Messenger

What is it about?

Free global calls & messaging, custom phone numbers, flexible email and 100% privacy — in one simple app.

App Details

Utilities Social Networking
Last updated
November 16, 2017
Release date
October 28, 2015
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Sudo: Secure Private Messenger siri commands

Sudo: Secure Private Messenger supports Siri commands

Call someone with Sudo
Call someone with Sudo

Sudo: Secure Private Messenger is FREE but there are more add-ons

  • $0.99

    Phone Number Reset

  • $1.99

    210 Sudo Credits

  • $9.99

    1100 Sudo Credits

  • $4.99

    525 Sudo Credits

App Screenshots

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App Store Description

Free global calls & messaging, custom phone numbers, flexible email and 100% privacy — in one simple app.

In a world consumed by Wikileaks, identity theft, security breaches, and public and private data miners, the time has come to fix what is wrong with the Internet—namely that everything we do is recorded, analyzed, stored and sold to the highest bidder.

Welcome to SudoApp. Send private messages, manage multiple phone numbers and email addresses, and create special-use avatars that last as long as you need them to. A completely secure app, SudoApp lets you create multiple Sudo identities for free – each with its own custom phone number and email address. Call, text and email anyone, worldwide for free*. Call and text non-Sudo mobile or landline numbers with SudoOut calling. Plus, SudoApp is 100% private; we don’t know who you are, and never ask you to register or create a username/password. Everything that happens inside Sudo is encrypted.

SudoApp gives you the control to live your life online without leaving your life online!

The only app that lets you create multiple, custom U.S., Canadian, UK and French phone numbers – from anywhere in the world. Make free Sudo-to-Sudo calls worldwide using local or global phone numbers. Call any mobile or landline number with SudoOut calling.

Message anyone, on any mobile device, using your Sudo number. Send free texts, photos, video and GIPHY messages - with location-sharing and group messaging. Delete and modify sent messages at any time. SudoOut messaging lets you text any mobile number, even if they don’t have SudoApp. End-to-end encryption gives you absolute privacy.

The most secure, simple and flexible email ever delivered. Instantly create multiple, custom email addresses for free. With SudoApp, there’s never a username, password or login required to create or access your email. SudoApp email helps you eliminate inbox clutter, spam and unwanted promotions. Sudo email addresses can be temporary or permanent. Create, change or delete them with a simple tap! Get up to 1GB of storage free across all of your Sudos.

SudoApp provides strong anonymity through end-to-end encryption to assure all Sudo-to-Sudo messaging communications are private – and can only be seen by the people you send them to. SudoApp is so private, we don’t even know who you are. We never collect, track or monitor any of your personal information.

Using SudoPay? Link any of your virtual cards with your favorite Sudo avatar. Now it’s easier than ever to pay for anything online – safely, securely and privately.

IMPORTANT: Please note that phone calls are made using Wi-Fi or cellular data. Not for 911 emergencies or any x11 services.

* Some calling and messaging limits apply. Some rates may apply for SudoOut calling and texting. Sudo-to-Sudo calls are always free. Certain data and roaming charges may apply. Check with your carrier for details.