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Find, buy, and sell things that you "want"

Find, buy, and sell things that you "want"


by Sumally Inc
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What is it about?

Find, buy, and sell things that you "want"!


App Details

Last updated
January 5, 2018
Release date
November 28, 2011

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App Store Description

Find, buy, and sell things that you "want"!
This is a new system that links what people "want" with what people "have" around the world. You can find things that you did not know you "wanted," buy them from people who "have" them, or sell them to people who "want" them. This is an app that celebrates and infinitely expands your enjoyment of physical things!

Sumally features include:
1. Find more and more things you "want"!
If you think you want something, just do a "want" and you will see many things that are highly related to that item. The more you "want," the more you will come across interesting things that you did not know about!
In addition, it also provides different ways to encounter new things from a variety of angles: based on timelines, rankings, things that your friends or acquaintances want, and more!

2. Buy things you "want" from others!
Sumally offers many things that you can buy from other users. Maybe you will find a great bargain for that one thing that you have always wanted?!
If it is something you cannot buy right now, just say that you "want" it and you will be notified as soon as someone makes it available, so you will never miss out on a great opportunity!

3. Sell things that you do not need any more to others who "want" them!
Something that you do not need any more may be exactly what somebody else wants. Simply use the app to take a photo and enter some product information to list your item.
Earn some pocket money to get what you "want"!

4. Share what you "want" and "have" with your friends and family!
Follow your friends and family to share what they "wants" and "has" in real time.
And of course, what you "want" will always be notified to your followers so, you never know, one day you might even get a surprise gift!

■ Please note:
・If you can't launch the Sumally app, try deleting it once from your Home screen, then re-installing. Doing this can improve its condition.