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Time Jump - Date Calculator

Date Calculator

Date Calculator

Time Jump - Date Calculator

by Time Theory Software
Time Jump - Date Calculator
Time Jump - Date Calculator

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Date Calculator

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Productivity Business
Last updated
January 9, 2018
Release date
April 14, 2015
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App Store Description

Date Calculator
Time Jump for iPhone is a full-featured date calculator (counts the days between two dates) that uses side-by-side calendars to allow you to flip backward and forward in time. Tap on dates and instantly see the time difference between them in days and business days as well as the total time in years, months, weeks and days.

Don't want to flip through calendars? Double-tap on the selected date above either calendar and use the date picker to select a specific date – your birthday, a project deadline, an anniversary – anything. Time Jump supports dates up to 2,000 years in the past or the future (historians and time travelers take note). You can always tap days directly on the calendar to fine tune your selection.

Integrated with Your iPhone Calendar
Time Jump - with your permission - can be fully integrated with your iPhone calendar. You can see events - and even create or delete them - from within Time Jump. A tap on the selected date above either calendar and you will see a list of the calendar events you have chosen to view from within Time Jump in the Date Detail View. Use the Time Jump settings to select one, some or all of your calendars - including your Google calendar.

Business Day Calculations
In addition to calendar days, Time Jump quickly and easily calculates the number of business days between two dates – this can be essential for project managers, shippers, attorneys, software developers, manufacturers – anyone working in business days. Time Jump can take US Federal and State holidays into account (skipping them) when calculating business days and you can select exactly which holidays to skip. Now - with version 2.1 - you can add your own custom days off (Personal Days) that are taken into account in the business day calculations. You can even set which days of the week are considered business days if you need to use something other than Monday through Friday.

Create Custom Days Off for Business Day Calculations
In addition to standard business day calculations, you can also add your own custom days off - Personal Days - (vacations, travel, school schedules, etc.) and Time Jump will treat these days as non-business days in the business day calculations. Of course, you can use settings to turn this feature on and off. Time Jump allows you to create your days off directly from within the app - and then they will appear in your selected iPhone calendar.

Time Jump's DateCalc
When you need to do a specific calculation - like 180 days from a date, 45 business days before a date, 40 weeks from a date, etc. - use the DateCalc feature that allows you to add/subtract days, business days, weeks, months or years to/from any date.

Time Jump Date Detail View
The Date Detail View shows you more details about a selected date: holiday information and/or a list of activities from your iPhone calendar (if you've given Time Jump permission to take a look). Once you've done a calculation you may wonder what's on your calendar and you can see your schedule from within Time Jump.

Who's Time Jump for?
Project managers
Planners & schedulers
Attorneys & paralegals
Procurement managers
Logistics specialists
Investors & bankers
Time explorers
Anyone interested in time

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