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WIT • Puzzles

Scramble your photo and send as a puzzle to your pal in iMessage.

WIT – What is this

WIT • Puzzles

by Vogelbusch & Co
WIT • Puzzles
WIT • Puzzles
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WIT – What is this? lets you choose a photo, select the grid size, scramble the pieces, and send. Let your friends and family enjoy rearranging pieces to see your picture.

What is it about?

WIT – What is this? is an enjoyable way to not only play a puzzle game with your pal, but share your photos at the same time. Just pick a picture and scramble the pieces. See if your friend can solve it and tease them to send you one back.

For those who...

  • Enjoy photo puzzle games
  • Like games that let you share photos

Not for those who...

  • Dislike puzzle games
  • Prefer games without photos

Why we love it

Turn your photos into puzzles to share with friends in WIT – What is this?

App Screenshots

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App Details

Photo & Video Family Puzzle
Last updated
April 19, 2017
Release date
September 13, 2016
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App Store Description

Surprise your friends and family, and challenge their wit. With WIT you can send any photo as a puzzle, directly from within iMessage. Make them look closely at your photos as they assemble it and see how many moves it takes them.
From the creators of "GoodTimes Stickers" comes a fun new game for iMessage: "WIT • What is this?"

!!! There is NO App Icon !!! -> WIT lives in iMessage :-)

Be warned! It's really addictive :-)

Puzzle – Definition: /'pʌz(ə)l/ noun
A game designed to test ingenuity or wit.

What is WIT?

• WIT stands for: What Is This? Where Is This? Who Is This? Why Is This? When Is This?
• Send your friends pictures of what you have seen, where you have been, who you have been with … they should know.
• Challenge your friends' wit!
• Surprise them with amazing photos.
• Be creative: send invitations or proposals as a Wit.
• Make your friends smile as they discover your message.
• Have them look at every curve and detail of your picture.
• Once solved they know your photo by heart.
• WIT lives in iMessage: create, send, solve – all with just a tap.
• For any photo just Pick – Shuffle – Send


• Instant: Right in iMessage
• Flexible: Use any photo!
• For anyone: From trivial 2 pieces to insane 144 pieces.
• Fun: Pieces that match move together!
• Versatile: With a tap choose between challenge messages.
• Easy as 1-2-3: Pick a photo – choose the cut size – send. That's it!


Go ahead and try the brand new "WIT • What is this?" for iMessage app! Be creative and send personalized Wits to your friends and family.

Twitter: @TheKeptPromise