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Steve Jobs Dead, According to Mistaken Bloomberg

August 28, 2008

It's not uncommon for periodicals to keep running obituaries on file for high-profile characters. The accidental publishing of such an obituary, however? Very uncommon. Such was the case today when Bloomberg, the financial newswire, mistakenly published their 17-page obituary for Steve Jobs, who is indeed alive, well, and kicking today despite past health concerns. A snippet from the publishing:
A college dropout who co-founded APple Inc., Jobs won ardent supporters by ushering "cool" gadgets to market. He delivered the Macintosh, the first user-friendly computer, and conquered the online music industry with the iPod, making white ear buds fashionable. In 2007, he led Apple into the mobile-phone market with the Web-surfing iPhone.
Accompanying the standard postmortem accolades was a list -- people to contact in the event of Jobs' death. Among them: Al Gore (on Apple board), Steve Wozniak (Apple co-founder), Eric Schmidt (Google CEO), and Bill Gates. While the story was obviously redacted shortly after publication, we're just hoping none of the people on Bloomberg's list were actually called for comment.

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