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Review: Comic Touch

September 11, 2008
Overview Are you ready to laugh? This simple photo app is probably one of the most enjoyable apps available today on the iPhone! Take a picture or access one from your Photo Library and then have fun adding comic bubbles, effects, and sharing it with friends.


Comic Touch is extremely easy to use, but its icons are a little confusing. I had to try each one to discover what they do. The interaction screen has buttons across the top first. Here's what they do: New Comic Source - Let's pick a picture - either from your Photo Library or Camera. I had a few problems with the app crashing while trying to save a picture I took from the camera. I had no issues importing one from the Photo Library.
Comic Effects - This brings up a new screen with your image and a new row of effects buttons to choose from below.
Comic Send/Share - This allows you to save your comic to your iPhone's Photo Library or email it to a friend.
Comic Open - This gives you access to all the comics you're currently working on, with full editing of existing changes. For instance, if you had applied a thought bubble to a comic, you can still shape the bubble, move it, etc. Very nice.
Pretty self-explanatory, is it not?
The bubbles, features and effects are all applied by moving your finger over your photos. You can squeeze, stretch and distort by dragging two fingers in or apart across the photo.


Simply put, Comic Touch is awesome. It's one of those apps that will have you laughing - and your friends will most likely put you on their paybacks list as altered images of them start showing up on your Flickr account. It's very easy to use, and you'll be amazed at the fun features of the app. I loved the squeezing and stretching sounds that the app makes as you drag your photos or effects into position. It's very well done. Plasq has made a successful transition from their desktop software to iPhone. I thought $4.99 for such a fun, full-featured app was worth it but perhaps a $1.99 might make it more appealing?


Comic Touch is a fantastic, fun app that everyone will love. It is a cross between the Mac's PhotoBooth software and plasq's other software ComicLife. You'll find it extremely easy to use and play with it for longer than you intend.

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