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iPhone Game Controller, Belkin JoyPod

September 2, 2008


Apparently, Belkin has contacted TouchArcade (the original publisher of the 'prototype' pictures), informing them that no such 'JoyPod' was in the works, and that it's "simply a false rumor." Such a bummer, because the controller looked uber-sweet. -- A picture of what appears to be an iPhone game controller from Belkin, dubbed the JoyPod, has been posted over at TouchArcade. Though not many details are known, TouchArcade is reporting that the prototype seen above will hit the testing circuit come October. The JoyPod features:
  • 8 total buttons
  • audio output
  • dock connector for power & syncing
  • JoyPod is also expected to be fully supported and integrated with the App Store. As an accessory giant, Belkin's involvement most likely means that they are working with Apple to harness the full power of the iPhone as a gaming system. We're curious to see how the pricing for this goodness will pan out, but make no mistake, we want one!

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