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Review: biteSMS (The Better SMS App)

September 9, 2008
biteSMS 2.2| Published by biteSMS | Via Cydia | Free | Released: 9-04-08


We were questioned this week about the ability to forward SMS (TXT) messages. Though a basic function of most phones, of course, the super-elite iPhone does not natively contain this functionality. I set out to see if a solution existed. After a very short search (literally 2 minutes) I stumbled across biteSMS.

biteSMS is an application available on both Cydia and Installer. It's a full fledged SMS replacement application for the iPhone (and affords iPod Touch users the ability to send SMS messages over WiFi). You can use your existing phone carrier, or optionally purchase SMS 'credits' from biteSMS for 10 cents a message (this is a flat rate for international or domestic messages, and the only way to send SMS from the iPod Touch).


The application touts the following features that aren't available in the iPhone's native SMS app:
  • Delete Individual Messages (as opposed to entire conversations)
  • Forward Individual Messages
  • Message Counter (for tracking number of messages sent vs. plan allowances)
  • Low Price International TXT'ng via biteSMS Credits
  • Send SMS Messages via Carrier or biteSMS Service
Migrating to biteSMS as my primary SMS application was a breeze. The menus and settings are straightforward and easy to configure.

When opening biteSMS you are given a list of your current conversations, identicle to the native SMS application. You can delete entire conversations by swiping to the right and pressing the 'Delete' button, or tapping 'Edit' and selecting the minus (-) next to the conversation you wish to remove. You can also create a new TXT message by pressing the new message bottom at the top right.

When typing a new message you can change how the message is sent by hitting the arrow on the bottom right corner of the screen. If you choose to send messages via the biteSMS service, then the bottom bar will display how many credits you have available -- if you choose to send the message via your own carrier the bottom bar will display how many messages you've sent since the counter was last reset. You can use this information to keep track of how many messages you have remaining before your per message charges start on your plan.

biteSMS makes it easy to delete or forward individual TXT messages by simply swiping your finger across the individual message you want to delete. A menu is presented asking you to delete or forward the message. When choosing delete the message will be removed from the current conversation. When choosing forward a 'New Message' screen will be displayed with the chosen message already typed into the text field. Simply enter the number, or contact you'd like to forward the message to, and hit send.

We sent a few test messages through both AT&T and through the biteSMS service. Both messages arrived on the other phone nearly instantly. I don't have any overseas contacts to test international messaging, but I would expect similar results.


After using biteSMS for a few hours I immediately put it on my first SpringBoard screen and marked it as my primary SMS application. It takes all of the great functionality of the native iPhone app and adds many of the missing features that users of more simple phones have been enjoying for years. biteSMS's site says, "You love your iPhone as much as we do? You SMS all the time? Then biteSMS is for you", and we have to agree with them. Usability: 5 / 5 Value: 5 / 5 Utility: 5 / 5 Aesthetics: 5 / 5

Overall Rating: 5 / 5

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