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Review: Zenbe Lists

September 6, 2008
Overview I want you to imagine an app that allows you to make a list, publish and share it with other users that you invite. This is all speculative, of course. Now imagine that when you update your list, it is automatically updated on other iPhones! Is that possible? Think grocery list... If you and your wife or roommate both have iPhones or internet access, then voila! Next time you're at Wal-Mart or Kroger, all you have to do is pull up that app for the latest list and check off what you take care of, and it's updated on both lists. It's f'reel (for real)! Enter Zenbe Lists!


Zenbe Lists requires that you set up an account at their website and link it to the iPhone app. Once you do that, you can begin creating lists. It's such a simple and easy-to-use app that I had created, synced and shared my lists within just minutes. The app has four main buttons interactions. You'll start with a blank screen with a "+ New list..." area. Select that, and you're off into making lists. You might even get to be famous one day... A dad and his kids did by creating the famous Book of Lists , which includes such things as:
  • Famous people who died during sex
  • The world's greatest libel suits
  • People suspected of being the real Jack the Ripper
  • Worst places to hitchhike
  • People misquoted by Ronald Reagan
  • Breeds of dogs which bite people the most, and the least (Taken from Wikipedia)
Your lists, like mine, however, may be much simpler. Like a grocery list, or to-do's. Another button is the "sync" button which publishes your lists to the Zenbe server. They will be there for all those you invite to share. Finally, the edit button does just that... Lets you rename or delete your existing lists. When you're in a list screen, another button - Share - pops up that allows you to send an invite to a friend to share that list. Essentially, they also become an editor with you of the list. That's what's nice about Zenbe Lists.


Zenbe Lists is such an unassuming and no-frills name that it gets overlooked. I'm convinced it's one of the most underrated apps in the App Store. If I can get my wife using an app and liking it, that's pretty significant. We have discovered how wonderfully convenient it is to simply use Zenbe for our grocery and to-do lists. We can view each other's lists (and share the same grocery list), and whenever we're out, we simply check the list and check off what we take care of. It has already saved some trips to Wal-Mart. Booyah! I imagine that a group that uses the iPhone or an office might find such an app invaluable for collaboration and coordination. Imagine the possibilities of having a list designated "Office Supplies."


If you're a list person at all, you'll love Zenbe Lists right out of the Store. If you're not because you aren't good at keeping up with them, you'll want to try Zenbe Lists and see if it doesn't help you out. It's greatest feature is the list sharing. So what to do now?
  1. Download Zenbe Lists
  2. Register for an account.
  3. Create your first list.
  4. Drop the good folks at Zenbe a line telling them you love their app and that the folks at sent you...

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