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Update: Intelliscreen v2.1

September 4, 2008
IntelliScreen v2.1 | Published by Intelliborn | Via Cydia | $4.99-$49.99 | Released: 9-04-08

What's New In This Version

Just a few days after reviewing Intelliscreen as it's been ported over to firmware 2.0, Intelliborn released a major upgrade for the handy screen utility with version 2.1.  The company was kind enough to give us a heads up about the impending release, and we've had access to their betas. All I can say is that a good product keeps getting better, and that they are extremely responsive to suggestions. Look at their provided list of fixes and upgrades for the new version, and chances are you'll see a feature request, bug or two that's been addressed: 2.1 Features
  • Quickview (replaces swipe for SMS/Mail Allows Delete/Mark Read)
  • IntelliAlert Icon You can swipe to dismiss IntelliAlerts
  • Double Tap Mail Box to advance to next Mail Account
  • SMS Launch takes you to SMS conversation 
  • Mail Launch takes directly you to Mail item
  • More Frequent Alert Intervals Options
  • Alert Duration Interval
  • Skin view now allows choice of cell separator
  • IntelliAlerts for Calendar Invites
  • HTTPS support for RSS Feeds 
  • Detailed Help
  • Taskbar Icons integration with BiteSMS
  • When SMS set to new only, shows all messages (no longer groups message by sender)
  • Improved IntelliDial Logo
  • Improved Mail Performance
  • Mail Options screen uses On/Off instead of checkmark to enable accounts 
2.1 Bug Fixes
  • Audio Playback stops when using vibrate alerts
  • When sound mode set, and not vibrate mode, and phone preferences set to vibrate should vibrate (no sound played)
  • Mail and SMS icons backwards in layout view when return to view
  • Blue/Red/Purple/Test skins pixel shift at bottom
  • Improved Layout View Usability
  • If on lock screen and receive SMS doesn't show until view screen again.     
  • Slide to launch App improved reliability to launch app
  • Can't answer Incoming call when using IntelliDial
  • Sporadic: SMS new messages doesn't show until wake iPhone twice
  • Attempted Fix: Sporadic Calendar Invites locking screen
  • Attempted Fix: Sporadic Launch Freezes
  • International Language Updates for Russian, French, Swedish, Czech, Brazil/Port


Probably one of the most notable improvements for me was the more reliable screen editing. You can now pinch and squeeze with ease. (Ooooooo, perhaps that should be their tagline?) I have definitely noticed more stability in the program, and while I still think detest the time it takes to apply changes to layout and design, I can live with that for the features and quick-viewing of schedule, SMS, and mail that Intelliscreen provides. Another nice addition for us reviewers is the ability to take a screen shot of the iPhone's lockscreen which was heretofore impossible. This is made available to you through some code insertion into one of Intelliscreen's xml files. You have to do this by SSH-ing into your iPhone. Not for the queasy stomach. But it works perfectly. Knowing that the Intelliborn crew is working hard behind the scenes for future updates also takes the edge of the price that having the features you'll want demands. (See our previous review for a pricing breakdown.)

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