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Apple To Feature Apps On In-Store iPhones & iPod Touches

October 5, 2008

De Blob, authored by THQ Wireless (the makers of Star Wars The Force Unleashed), is set to be featured on in-store iPhone and iPod Touch models worldwide. De Blob, already a popular App Store title, has been selected because of its effective demonstration of the iPhone and iPod Touch's unique technologies. With eye-candy galore and its tilt and twist accelerometer controls, De Blob has gained high marks from App Store reviewers (4 star average). The game features a colorful blob that bounces around, and by using the accelerometer, gamers can paint buildings and walls while progressing through different levels.

It appears Apple is not striking commercial deals with chosen developers, but selecting games that showcase the iPhone and iPod Touch platforms. Surely this will translate into some great publicity for THQ, an already established player in the mobile gaming industry. We just hope that going forward, as Apple chooses more apps to feature, they'll take note of and give some recognition to indy developers as well. De Blob should arrive in all Apple Retail Stores worldwide by mid-October.

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