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Apple Unseeds 2.2 Beta 2, Launches Apple Developer Forums Beta

October 24, 2008

Earlier today we reported that Apple had begun seeding 2.2 beta 2 OS to developers, complete with a revised SDK Agreement and non-disclosure clause (see screenshot above, note the new build numbers). However, shortly after our post Apple has removed the update, leaving developers with access to only the "old" beta 1 version. In another interesting turn of events, Apple appears to be launching a beta version of developer forums through its Dev Center (see screenshot below). Seems like some clear evidence that beta 2 will be available to devs shortly, along with a mandatory acceptance of the new iPhone SDK Agreement. It's an obvious effort from the big guys in Cupertino to help stimulate some healthy and productive discourse about iPhone development. Way to share the love (and knowledge) -- it's a step in the right direction toward making amends for leaving that nasty NDA in place for far too long.

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