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Disney Promoting Movies Using Apps

October 27, 2008

Games for the iPhone and iPod Touch are great sources of entertainment, but now they are also being used by Disney as a way to advertise. Disney has just released a game called RhinoBall, now available at the App Store, and is being used to promote their upcoming movie Bolt. The game is pretty simple. Basically you use the accelerometer to roll around different levels attempting to find Bolt (a dog), while at the same time collecting as many lightning bolts as you can. The game is definitely entertaining, but the main objective behind its creation is to get you hooked into seeing the movie Bolt. You can download the game for free, which is nice, but obviously Disney wanted as many people to download the game as possible. After all, the more people that have the game means that more people are exposed to the scenes and trailers from the movie - and may be more likely to go spend that 10 bucks at the box office. Though the game is simple, with all the extra clips and scenes this app comes out to be a hefty 94.4MB in size. So, this is just another game, but also a clue into what we may be seeing a lot more of. Using the growingly popularity of the App Store as a way to promote motion pictures is a great idea, and appears to be an emerging trend after Warner Brother's Dark Knight app success earlier this year.

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