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2nd Gen iPod Touch Is Faster Than Your iPhone 3G

November 26, 2008
Who would have thought that the 2nd generation iPod Touch would have a faster processor than the iPhone 3G? According to Handheld Games Corp and Touch Arcade, that is exactly the case. The difference was first noticed in the game 3D TouchSports Tennis by Handheld Games CEO, Thomas Fessler, who noticed that the 3D elements of the game had a hard time running on the 1st generation iPod Touch. The developers have since implemented optimizations to make the game run efficiently on all devices. The difference between the gameplay in the devices may have come from the quiet upgrade of the iPod Touch 2nd Gen to 532MHz. Whereas, the iPhone 3G, the O.G. iPhone, as well as the 1st Generation iPod Touch run at 412MHz. Developers at Handheld Games, however, don't believe the increased MHz is the only contributing factor, since the performance difference has also been noticed between models that run at the same speed. As far as 3D rendering is concerned, the iPod Touch 2nd Gen is far superior to the other units. The 3G takes second in speed and performance, whereas the 1st Gen iPod Touch takes a far third. Ok, so the 2nd generation iPod Touch is a tad faster than the 3G... but honestly, does it really matter? To developers, kind of, because they are the ones that will have to modify their software to suit different devices. In other words, optimizing an application solely for the new 2nd Gen iPod Touch is not a good idea from the developer's standpoint as it would need to be tweaked to work on both "slower" devices as well. But as far as consumers are concerned, the games will (ideally) be modified for their device before they even download the software, leaving no real noticeable difference in speed.

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