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Apple Drops Prices on Black Friday, But Not Much

by Ji Kim
November 28, 2008

The highly anticipated Black Friday sale at the Apple Store is finally upon us. The discounts, however, are conservative at best. Only two Mac models are on sale (iMacs and MacBooks... no MacBook Pros) with discounts up to $101 on its latest generation models. Further "highlights" include a $21 discount on the iPod Touch, iPod Classic, Apple TV as well as the 500GB Time Capsule. There are also notable discounts on various Apple accessories. Meanwhile, the price of the iPhone remains the same. Earlier this week, analysts predicted discounts up to 15% from Apple this year. Needless to say, their prediction turned out to be incorrect. Black Friday shoppers hunting for bigger bargains will have better luck with 3rd party retail deals that we covered yesterday. [Photo Credit: Flickr]

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