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Apple Toys With Virtual Reality

November 8, 2008
If you're one of those who spent the extra bucks to have a theatre-like experience in your living room, then you'll love this. Apple has taken out a patent for an, "automatically adjusting media display in a personal display system." So what does that mean? Well, basically Apple has requested a patent for a virtual reality headset, with the goal of making the "theatre experience" come to life. The headset works through the use of eye tracking software. The software builit into the goggles will give the user the impression of sitting in a stadium, theatre or any venue and feel like they are actually there. And for all you nature nuts out there, you should also be able to go for a walk in a park, or a stroll on the beach. Of course it's not true virtual reality without the surround sound... well don't worry, because Apple has incorporated real life sounds for each environment as part of the design. Now, the virtual reality viewer isn't exactly a fashion accessory, in fact they look a lot like goggles, but hey, when you're imagining you're by yourself anyway, does it really matter?

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