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Review: ToneFXs

November 25, 2008
ToneFXs v1.108 | Published by Efiko Software | Via Cydia | Donation $5-$15 (How generous do you want to be?) | Released: 11-07-08


Have you been frustrated with your lack of ability of having customized sounds on your iPhone for different functions? I, for one, went searching for an app that would allow me to do one thing - have fart noises for my text messages. I know... this review is deteriorating rapidly. But all my friends with lesser phones have cool text message alerts that they've uploaded, bluetoothed and red-eyed, or whatever, and I'm stuck with boring Apple stock tones for my text alerts. Enter ToneFXs!


ToneFXs is a two-prong approach. First of all, you need a jailbroken iPhone. You can search for the app under Cydia and download it to your phone. But you can't stop there. Next, you'll need to download the desktop app (for Apple or PC) at the Efiko Software site. Once you've done these two steps, you're ready to go. I found all my happy farting noises and began trying to send them to my phone immediately. It must be plugged into your computer with the sync cable to work. After launching the desktop app, you click on "Browse Computer" to find your files. Name the files what you want, and weeeeeeee!

As you can see in the first image, the files show up now in your option list. ToneFXs allows you to customize just about every system sound of the iPhone. I suspect that many of you have been waiting for an app just like this. One thing that ToneFXs can't do is allow you to customize your text alert sounds by contacts. Now that would be nice... I also had some problems with various sound files. I still don't know what the deal is. I've emailed the folks at ToneFXs and haven't received a response to date. It seems the desktop app "chokes" if it attempts to open certain sound files. However, there's nothing wrong with these files... I found that by quitting the application and relaunching it, you will eventually be able to open the file. So if you get the following error, quit and relaunch.


I am extremely pleased with this app! I had purchased iToner sometime back in order to get my custom ringtones and mp3s on my iPhone, but with the addition of ToneFXs to my arsenal, I feel that my iPhone no longer has to shrink in embarrassment for piddly little Nokias that have custom text alerts.

Though there seem to be some bugs still in the desktop application, I've had no problems whatsoever with the phone app. My iPhone is faithfully farting away - and causing smiles - whenever I get tweeted or texted.

The price is donation-based. You can give anywhere from $5 to $15 on the website, and you'll receive a serial to plug into the app.

You do need to be aware of the caveat that Efiko puts on their site:

If you are familiar with all the past drama that started with iPhone 1.1, you should know we can't guarantee this app will work in future iPhone and iTunes software because we don't know what new lock down measures Apple may add to these upcoming iPhone updates that may prevent ToneFXs from working. Thus, we won't offer refunds if ToneFXs does not work in future iPhone Software. Apple may decide to prevent this customization for whatever reason, however we doubt it as it's a whole lot of fun and harmless. Regardless, we enjoy ToneFXs as much as you do and are committed to doing everything in our power to update ToneFXs to work with future iPhone and iTunes software updates just as we have done with iPhoneRingToneMaker.


Until further notice, ToneFXs has earned a spot on my springboard. Every iPhone user that has heard my flatulent iPhone has either a) shaken their head in disbelief or b) gone to Cydia to download ToneFXs. With that much customization possible, why wouldn't you? Usability: 4 / 5 Value: 4 / 5 Utility: 4 / 5 Aesthetics: 3 / 5

Overall Rating: 3.75 / 5

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