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App Store Hits 500 Million Mark

January 16, 2009
It took all of 6 months for the App Store to reach 500 million downloads.  Apple's homepage this morning boats that there are more 15,000 apps currently in the store and it's still growing.   The App Store opened with only about 500 apps in July, and it was big news when it topped 10,000 apps at the very end of November. But now, a month and half later 5,000 new apps!   While this seems like great news on the surface, it has some of us here scratching our heads.  Being dedicated to serving relevant news and app reviews, we have watched many of these "top" apps with disdain.  Why are there over 10 farting apps in the App Store, and why are people downloading them?  It is obvious by the 500 million downloads that there is clearly a demand for applications, but how many of them truly having sticking power.  Heck, we all download free apps, play with them for 5 minutes then delete them.  Is that a good experience?  While Apple may be proud to brag about 15,000+ apps in the app store, I'd be much more impressed when there are 15 apps that I cannot remove from my springboard.  When that happens I'd like to see it on Apple's homepage, heck we'll even replace ours.

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