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Apple Exceeds Market Share Target

January 31, 2009
According to a recent ABI Research study, Apple has exceeded its self-imposed goal of a one percent world cellphone market share by the end of 2008. The study shows that the iPhone represents 1.1 percent of the entire world cellphone market which was a substantial increase from their 2007 market share of 0.3 percent. The original iPhone was launched in June of 2007 so the numbers are a bit misleading. Nokia leads the market by a hefty margin with 38.6 percent. Samsung is second with 16.2 percent, Motorola and LG are tied for third with 8.3 percent and Sony Ericsson is fifth with 8 percent. All of these companies benefit from the sale of low-cost cellphones. To get an idea of how the iPhone compares to direct smartphone competition, RIM's BlackBerry line of smartphones have a 1.9 percent market share, an increase from their 2007 total of 1.1 percent. Apple is already in reaching distance of RIM, who most consider their closest competitor in the smartphone market. Without a low-cost version of the iPhone it won't be possible to achieve Nokiaesque numbers but according to Apple's acting CEO Tim Cook, that's not Apple's overall goal. As long as they come anywhere near the total market share of the BlackBerry, it will be considered a win for Apple. [via Electronista]

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