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Bluetooth File Transfer Made Possible

January 27, 2009
Apple's iPhone is quite the technical achievement, packing all kinds of technology into a slim package while sustaining an elegant design but for whatever reason it doesn't have full Bluetooth support. Yes, the iPhone allows you to sync with Bluetooth headsets but that's basically it. Apple didn't include the ability to transfer files via Bluetooth nor does it allow device-to-device networking. That will all change for some iPhone users in the near future. The iBluetooth team has been working for months on a way to allow iPhone users to transfer files between devices via the OBEX protocol. With this technology users with jailbroken iPhones will be able to transfer any type of file they want via Bluetooth. The same team is also working on an iPhone Bluetooth API, that would allow users to share internet with a Bluetooth enabled computer, or even play multi-player games head-to-head instead of setting up an ad-hoc network. The technology would also allow iPhone users to sync with devices such as keyboards, for those of you that don't enjoy touch-screen typing. As of now, none of this is available to the general public. Only people who have donated to the project are able to obtain it, but according to the forum post it should be made available to the general public soon enough. [via iBluetooth Project]

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