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Google Yanks iPhone's iGoogle

January 22, 2009

iPhone owners are feeling shafted by the search engine giant after Google pulled the plug on its iPhone specific interface. The issue was pointed out several days ago on their iGoogle help forums, and hundreds have since chimed in to gripe at Google. Only one employee - "Paul" - responded:
We've decided to direct iPhone users to the standard mobile iGoogle page. We've found that people hit iGoogle from lots of different phones -- we want to ensure you'll all see the same version. Most or all of your existing content should translate over to the standard mobile version. The only exception would be any gadgets that aren't compatible with most mobile browsers.
A Google spokesperson told Info World:
In an effort to make our iGoogle mobile experience more consistent, we're no longer supporting a special version of iGoogle for the iPhone. Those who currently use iGoogle for the iPhone will be directed to the main mobile version of iGoogle.
I want to know why Google decided to downgrade my favorite RSS reader. Or if there are any better ones out there.

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