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Review: iFitness

January 17, 2009
Overview iFitness is an exercise database with over 115 detailed exercises- yet so much more. You can create a custom workout routine or select from several preset routines. And what fitness app would be complete without being able to track your progress? I don’t even want to think of such a thing and fortunately I don’t have to because iFitness allows you to track your progress.


  • 115 Exercises
Every exercise has photos to show you how to properly perform the exercise, as well as step-by-step instructions on how to do it. And you know what? That’s a great thing to have, especially if the pictures seem a little too vague. There might be a “twist” you’re supposed to do- or instructions to keep your back straight- or to not lock your joints. Important instructions like that could save you a world of hurt.

You can search the database of exercises by muscle group or alphabetical order. And if there’s something you do that they don’t have, you can create a custom exercise to add to the list. You can even take a photo to represent the exercise. (Unfortunately, you can’t add step-by-step photos of the exercise. Bummer.)
  • Routine, Routine, Routine
There are seven preset workout routines to choose from: a beginner program, abs, weight loss, muscle building, strength building, complete body and a business travel workout. Each one offers something different. And what if you’re a lone wolf who doesn’t follow the pack and their “rules?” No problem. You can easily create your own workout routine that you want to follow. You can create multiple routines- one for each day of the week, if that’s your thing. If you want to focus on your back and chest on Mondays, then you can create a custom workout that does just that.

After you do an exercise, you can log your workout and track your progress. The exercises have different logging fields, like the dumbbell curl lets you enter in the weight, reps and sets, while the step machine asks for duration, resistance, steps and calories. You can even add notes to your log- just in case there’s something you need to remember for next time. Like, “no pain, no gain.”


The Good: iFitness is a nice looking app. It’s super easy to use and it’s actually- GASP- useful! Whoa! What a concept! I try to go to the gym as often as I can- (some weeks I’m better than others), but this is an app that will actually help me stay on a routine. I won’t have to remember what exercises I’m supposed to do because they’ll be right there in my iPhone. And if I feel like trying something different, I’ve got plenty of options right in the palm of my hand. I love the fact that I can track my progress. I’m hoping that will motivate me to go more often and actually try to increase my production. I guess the real question will be how long I can stay motivated to use the app. I can see myself getting tired of logging the exercises. Then it’s all down hill after that. But I can't blame the app for my lack of discipline. The Bad: I gotta be honest, I didn’t find much wrong with this app. I am a huge fan. But, if I had to nitpick, and I do because that’s my job- there are a couple things that I would like to see. A preset 30 minute workout. You see, 24 Hour Fitness has a set of machines that you’re supposed to work through in about 30 minutes- it’s for those of us who may be there on our lunch break- or who just don’t have enough time to get more of a workout in. On those days, it’d be great to have a couple preset routines to choose from, because I'm tired of using the same 10 machines 24 Hr Fitness has designated for me to use. Also, okay- would it have killed the developer to include pictures of women doing these exercises too? Not that I don’t love staring at pictures of a guy in tight, red spandex- or a topless hunk doing curls- but a little variety would go a long way. Just sayin’.


If you work out, or if you’re thinking of starting, iFitness is a darling little app that will come in very handy for you- especially if you can’t afford a personal trainer. You’ll be able to learn a routine and hopefully stick with it- and you’ll be doing it safely. (That means read the damn instructions if you’re not 100% sure how to do any given exercise.) It works great, it looks great- just like you after you tear it up at the gym! Right? Right?!

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