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Apple Showcasing Software On Demo Units

February 13, 2009
Apple stores have a fantastic atmosphere that is able to draw in all kinds of random people who simply want to take a gander at all of the intriguing hardware Apple has to offer but that's all about to change. Apple has started rolling out a new store layout to showcase software instead of hardware and the App Store is following suit. Apple plans to place top 25 games and applications on the iPhone and iPod touch demo units in an effort to showcase what the App Store has to offer. The iPod touch demo units will contain top 25 family games and top 25 children's games. The applications will be updated monthly to reflect the App Store's top 25 lists. The iPhone demo units will instead contain the top 25 travel applications and top 25 lifestyle applications. These units will be updated monthly as well. Ian Marsh, the developer of the popular App Store game Scoops, has confirmed with us that he was contacted personally by Apple to put together a special build of his game but he was never informed what it would be used for, he had to simply find out like the rest of us. This is a heads up to all of the developers who were contacted by Apple for a special application build, go to your local Apple store to possibly witness your application on a demo unit. It's almost as good as a television commercial. [via AppleInsider]

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