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How To Hide Icons On Main Menu

February 18, 2009
The iPhone came with a few apps that I never use. I don't use the stocks or the iTunes apps. The Obsessive Compulsive in me was demanding that I remove these icons from the menu. This walkthrough is a quick step by step on how you can hide menu icons of unused programs. This will only work for jailbroken phones. 1. Install BossPrefs. This is a app that can be found in the utility section of Cydia.
2. Open the BossPrefs app.
3. Tap on the Hide Icons button on the bottom of the BossPrefs screen.
4. Scroll down the list to find the icon you would like to hide. Tap the ON switch to turn it to off in order to hide an icon for the app.
This does not remove the app from your phone, it merely hides the icon. This is very useful for apps that you cannot remove such as the apps that come installed on the phone from the factory.

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